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Eye development

80% of what we learn is through our eyes.

Dr. Busch is in the private practice of Ophthalmology, with an emphasis on family eye care. Family members of all ages need regular eye examinations. Any decrease or sudden change in vision, eye pain or redness should be evaluated promptly. Children should have their eyes examined prior to starting school and any child with decreased vision or a crossed, turned or wandering eye should be examined as soon as possible. Regular exams allow early detection of problems for all ages.

Our goal is to educate patients while providing the safest, most advanced medical and surgical eye care available. Dr. Busch believes a thorough understanding of your medical problems and treatment allows you to participate and make informed choices in treatment options. This knowledge allows you to take an active role in the treatment, which is an important part of the healing process.

Our web site provides you access to educational sites that explain in greater detail most simple and complete eye diseases and disorders. We welcome you to use the links provided for your greater understanding of the eye. To maximize your visit with Dr. Busch, we suggest that you keep a log of your symptoms and write down any questions you may have prior to your exam.